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If you are a liker of Mindful Productivity over on facebook you would know that a couple of weeks ago I collaborated with Lisa from Studio C Workshop here in Mayo on a new jewellery design.  You would also have seen the progress pictures and watched as they were being created but for those of you who didn’t catch the updates I’ll fill you in now.

Lisa makes lovely handmade jewellery using copper and silver usually.  Though for the festive season she decided to do some upcycled pendants and asked if moi would do some calligraphed words to put on them.  Naturally I said yes and was delighted to work with Lisa [as she is a real dote] and I also thought our work would complement each others – like minds etc etc.

I designed some words and did a nice font that added to the unique charm of the pieces.  Lisa worked with some lovely paper she had been waiting to use for ages to cover the bases and we used some paper made from tobacco leaves for my calligraphy.

studio c workshop collaboration with mindful productivity

We have done them in a mixture of pendants and bracelets.  Of course, we both nabbed ourselves one and I chose a bracelet with the word ‘breathe’ on it …. as I do love to be reminded to focus on doing that.  The other words we used were wander, journey, love, peace, enjoy, live, grá [love in Irish for my non Irish readers]

I’m sure you can tell from the pictures that they turned out really lovely.  These are a limited edition so get them whilst they are still around :)

If you’d like to see a bit more of them you can check them out in Lisa’s shop on Etsy.

handmade jewellery by studioCworkshop and mindful productivity


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