What ten mindful minutes can do for you

I came across this great Ted talk today by Andy Puddicombe.  I think it explains really well how beneficial it is to incorporate some mindfulness into our day.  One bit in particular struck a cord with me …

Did you know research out of Harvard recently shows we spend almost 47% of our time in wandering thought?

That is 47% of our day, our year …. our life.  So if we lived to be 85 then 36.5 years of our life would have been spent not paying attention to what we were actually doing!  Dwelling on something we wished we had done, thinking aimlessly about what to do on the weekend or playing different scenarios of what might or might not happen over and over in our heads.   That is scary business.


If you don’t already practice mindfulness or meditate in some way then maybe give it a go.  Even starting with one minute is beneficial ….. when you are waiting for someone in the car, making a cuppa and the kettle is boiling.  It can be anywhere … you don’t need to be sitting crossed legged on a rock in the middle of nowhere ;-)  I especially like to spend 5 minutes before I begin the workday – usually whilst the computer is warming up.  Plus, I also pay attention [as much as I can] to the everyday things like walking, brushing my hair or noticing how the steering wheel feels when I drive.  Some days I’m better than others but what matters is the awareness of when we are and are not in the present moment.

happy watching / Be :)


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