Stress, Anxiety and Mindful Meditation

It’s always nice having a guest blogger on the site, today it is a chap by the name of Ryan Rivera.  Ryan who had stage fright whenever he needed to go up in front of an audience, has learnt a lot these past years about dealing with anxiety and is sharing with us how mindfulness meditation has helped him and can help others as well.

The Stress and Anxiety Relief Benefits of Mindful Meditation

anxiety definition image Stress gets its grip on you when you become anxious about the future or remorseful about the past. Life’s hectic pace and the daily stresses that come with it may make you want to shut everything out. Actually, it’s best you stay tuned in. While this may sound contrary to reason, paying more attention to your surrounding is your first step in developing mindfulness that will help you deal with a host of physical and mental problems, including stress and anxiety.

Cultivating mindfulness

Mindfulness, which has its roots in Buddhism, is the method of having complete and nonjudgmental consciousness of the present moment instead of living in the past or jumping forward into the future. The practice usually requires an increased perception of the senses and existing “in the now.” Mindfulness teaches the individual to be part of every moment, to direct their attention to what is going on right now and acknowledging it without passing judgment.

While it may sound so easy and uncomplicated, mindfulness is actually a potent therapeutic tool. It’s been proven to relieve stress, prevent the recurrence of major depression, decrease panic symptoms, ease anxiety, and repress physical symptoms like hot flashes and pain. Mindfulness improves mental function by enhancing the brain’s neural connections.

Mindfulness can be attained by regular meditation, but it can also be achieved through daily living. Merely concentrating on the present and silencing the nagging voices within can help you reach mindfulness. You can accomplish this yourself by exercising some basic techniques, such as sitting calmly, concentrating on the way you breathe, getting conscious of everything going on around you, and observing everything that enters and leaves your consciousness.

Benefits of mindfulness

As the West begins to welcome more Eastern practices, mindfulness has been frequently associated with cognitive therapy. Studies in the past have revealed some positive results. Mindfulness meditation was discovered to be helpful with:

  • Depression
  • Sleep disorders
  • Relationship issues
  • Eating disorders
  • Anxiety problems
  • Stress management

Research has revealed that mindfulness enables people to cope with everyday stresses as well as the major stresses that cause chronic and severe illnesses in people. Practicing mindfulness meditation has proven to promote better physical and psychological health with benefits that increase the longer you practice.

How does mindfulness ease stress?

Doing regular mindfulness meditation offers a lot of benefits for your physical as well as psychological well-being. Studies have shown that mindfulness can help in preventing contemplations on things that invite stress and stop people from wallowing in self-destructive thoughts. Mindfulness is also used as a deterrent against anxiety over the future. It can steer you away from stress-triggering thoughts and provide you that mental half-time to gain a better perspective.

If you can’t help but get fidgety during meditation, there are other ways to help you flow easily into the practice. Listening to music, garden work, and even doing house chores offer opportunities to practice mindfulness if you know the correct approach. Focus “in the now” and silence that small voice within you, the voice that constantly nags you about the things you’ve done, what you are doing, and what you should be doing.

Mindfulness is just as simple as being aware of everything in your immediate surroundings. It can be difficult to maintain in this busy life, but if you strive in becoming more mindful, you will discover that the results you obtain will be worth more than the effort.


Ryan Rivera

If you would like to find out a bit more about Ryan Rivera and what he does, you can find him at , which he developed to help others with their anxiety issues.





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