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You may have noticed that I am quite fond of a quote or two.  It obviously just isn’t me who is a bit of a quote lover as I don’t know many people who don’t like quotes.  Either collecting them, hearing them, tweeting them, quoting them, pinning them or whatevering them.

Such is my interest in quotes, that last year I did ten blog posts listing 200 quotes in them.  These were ones I had collected over the years and had a good bit of variety to them.  The thing about the lasting power of these particular sentences is [imho] they are put together well; summing up in a few words or lines a really good lesson or insight.  They are a work of art in themselves.

So this year I didn’t want to just write out another batch of well known and not so well known quotes… so I thought I would put them in a nice and colourful way.  One that is easy to share and looks pretty… well I think it looks pretty.

Todays one is one of my own quotes but usually I will do them by others whose words resonate with me and may, I hope, resonate with some of you too.  There is so much wisdom out there and the more we focus on positivity, good vibes, beauty and happy things the more we move into a place where we can grow within and overcome some of the things that hold us back from being more self aware.

Please feel free to share the above pic.  If you hover over it a ‘Pin It’ badge comes up – so if you are a pinner like myself :) knock yourself out

happy sharing happy growing / Be



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