Irish Birthday Cards – our new Uimhir range

as gaeilge childrens birthday cards by mindful productivityA few months back, I was looking around for a children’s birthday card and couldn’t see anything I liked.  So what would a card designer do?  That’s right …. I designed my own!!

I must be onto something as the first batch was snapped up and our new Irish birthday cards for children range called Uimhir [which means number as Gaeilge] is getting great feedback and we are really delighted with the response.  It’s often the simple things that we all love and I do enjoy using the Irish language when I can.  Not that I’m fluent by any means .. no where near it .. but these cards are a great way to use the cúpla focal I do have.  A children’s birthday is a terrific opportunity to add some Gaeilge into their day too.

gaelic birthday cards by mindful productivityNumbered one to ten with the Irish for each age written underneath, these fab little birthday cards are not only perfect and kiddie friendly, they are educational as well …. shhhh

I mean, what kid isn’t fascinated by their new age and everything to do with the new number they are.  Most will be learning Irish at school and the cards reinforce the as Gaeilge for that number.

Keeping with our love of brightly coloured cards here at Mindful Productivity, we chose some deep hues which can be used for either boy or girl and made sure the numerals had a nice funky vibe to them as well.

If you’d like to check them out you can see them all in our Etsy shop.

ocht as gaeilge birthday cardsé as gaeilge birthday cardIrish language childrens birthday cards by mindful productivity




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