Gradam Gnó le Gaeilge nomination

I’m back in the studio today after the Paddy’s Day weekend and am spending the day getting creative and working on a few ideas and bespoke  poster orders.

Last week Mindful Productivity was nominated for the Gradam Gnó le Gaeilge [Business with Irish Award] which is organised by Gnó Mhaigh Eo.  It’s for businesses who use Irish in their business and a great way to promote the use of the language.  I was nominated as some of my products are as Gaeilge – prints, cards and bracelets [the bracelets are all sold out though :)]

As part of my nomination I was given some nice things to put on the windows and doors of the studio/shop :)

gradam gnó le gaeilge | mindful productivity

It worked out very well as we were wanting to get an Irish language door sign and this one goes lovely  with our lime green paintwork!

I’ve also been busy making some more cards including some calligraphy ones in Irish.  The blue and green bordered ones are very limited editions as I’ve only made four of each.  I don’t have anymore of the lovely card they are mounted on so four of each it is!  You can check them out more closely in the Etsy shop if you like or call in if you are in Mayo and look at them in person :)

mindful productivity cards

I enjoy making just a few of something, it adds to the individualism of them and I think it’s nice to get something handmade and special.  Something that is made with love and not overly mass produced.



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