We are a small batch greeting card and beeswax candle company based in the west of Ireland. We use both the Irish and English languages in our designs and have built our card range around simple and heartfelt messages to mark life’s moments, keep in touch…and often frame.


mindful productivity county cardsGREETING CARDS

Our card designs usually begin life as a rough sketch of words about a feeling and I take it from there.  I’ve a BA [hons] in Philosophy and Psychology so I was always interested in inner exploration.  When designing, I like to create something that resonates with both giver and receiver – even if it’s a simple thank you.  After I’ve the fonts and wording decided upon, I choose colours to support that feeling and the whole lot is pulled together to give it the vibe I’m looking for.   The Irish language features in many designs [I’m learning it and what better way to practice!].

All the words in our manifesto card line are original words and are composed by me.  Our cards are all printed here in Co Mayo, in small batches by our lovely printer, Seamus.  Then we hand fold, pair them with a recycled paper envelope and pack them all by hand before sending them on to you.

irish hand rolled beeswax candles BEESWAX CANDLES

Beeswax is a lovely material.  It softens in the hand yet burns clean and bright with a long last.  We love making beeswax candles.  We individually cut the wax for each candle, sheet by sheet.  It’s nice that way … it creates a truly hand crafted candle.  Then we hand roll the lovely cut beeswax sheets into their almost finished shape and size before wrapping in a beautiful piece of coloured beeswax.  It’s such a pleasure to make them and a little bit of us and where we make them goes with each one to it’s new home.

Why beeswax?  because it’s natural, renewable and has a lovely honey scent that is provided by nature.  Plus I got sick of burning all those paraffin based tealights during my meditation attempts sessions and began making some beeswax candles for myself.  Then others wanted to buy them and well … you know how these sort of stories go.


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