Monthly Archives: January 2012

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Last Friday was a great day.  I spent it in Birr, Co Offaly attending #Birr2012 – the first All Ireland […]

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5 ways to be mindfully frugal in the kitchen

library of congress kitchen pic

I’ve always thought that frugalness and mindfulness complement each other. So here are 5 simple tips to help you be a little bit more of both.

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A few suggestions on being mindful in the supermarket

is another man's treasure

This weeks’ post is about being mindful as we shop in the supermarket. It’s come about as during the week […]

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Why do you turn me on then just leave me?

Well it is really the beginning of the new year now… the kids are all going back to school, many […]

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What are your intentions for 2012?

new year intentions

Ahh 2012 …. don’t you all just love a new year? Of course all moments are a new beginning but […]

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